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Who can enter

The awards are intended to recognise what can be achieved when people work together to improve the lives of people with dementia. We want to hear from those helping others to gain a better understanding of dementia both professionally and personally, as well as the local communities and the care sector who support people living with dementia every day.

On this basis, we are seeking entries on behalf of organisations, teams and partnerships.  National funded projects and/or the work of individuals should not be entered into this awards scheme, and if any partners are listed on your entry, all partners should be made aware of their accreditation.

All applications should demonstrate evidence of best practice that exceeds the norm rather than one-off case studies and should uphold the dignity, equality and respect of people with dementia, their carers/partners/ families, as per Charter of Rights for people with dementia and their carers and the recently published Dementia and Equality report.

The initiatives presented should reflect the aims of Scotland’s National Dementia Strategy and its associated standards and frameworks, such as:


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