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2019 Award Categories

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This year, we are seeking entries in the following 6 award categories. Please read the full information here. 

1. Best Hospital Care Initiative

This category is open to all disciplines working in a hospital care environment. This includes staff working in acute general hospitals and accident and emergency departments, community hospitals and specialist dementia care units in mental health hospitals.

The judging panel will be looking for innovative initiatives that provide exceptional support to people with dementia when they are in need of hospital care and treatment.

These initiatives might aim to:

  • enhance recognition of dementia
  • reduce stress and distress
  • evidence highly skilled interventions by staff
  • demonstrate close partnership working with people living with dementia and their families
  • provide a positive, personalised and enabling type of support
  • enable speedier, supported discharge
  • provide alternative solutions to hospitalisation

2. Best Care Home Practice Improvement

This category is open to all staff and services who support people with dementia in a care home setting. The judging panel will be looking for a service which shines, where even small changes or developments in dementia practice enhances peoples’ care and support and makes a real difference. Has the service been holistic or has it introduced a new approach which improves enablement, empowerment and citizenship for people living with dementia?

The judging panel welcome innovative developments or practice improvements – whether large or small scale. Entries might describe a truly special service that enhances the experience of people at any point on their journey with dementia, including people experiencing the complex difficulties that later stages of the illness and end of life can bring for individuals, their partners, families and carers.

3. Best Community Support Initiative 

This category is open to all staff and organisations, including community teams, care at home and day care, who are supporting people living with dementia in their own home.

The judging panel will be looking for the sort of innovative initiatives that help people with dementia and their families stay in control of their own situation and challenge stereotypical attitudes towards dementia. These might relate to:

  • assisting people to keep well, engaged and active
  • realising personalised ambitions or dreams
  • connecting people and families
  • channeling interests in a new and creative way; they may illustrate how major challenges can be overcome
  • involves people with dementia in creative pursuits which demonstrates and illustrates their strengths and potential

Entries might relate to any point in the experience of dementia; from the provision of a diagnosis, living well with increasing support or an initiative that supports someone to remain at home even when experiencing complex changes or the end of life.

4. Best Dementia Friendly Community Initiative 

This category of award seeks to acknowledge, and is open to, local community initiatives; perhaps a good neighbour scheme, volunteer project or developments in local stores and amenities.

The judging panel will be looking for innovative initiatives which help to support people with dementia not only to continue to live well within their own community but also remain valued, connected and involved members of that community.

Realising a truly dementia-friendly community could mean:

  • addressing stigma and discrimination
  • promoting equality, valuing diversity and improving support for under-represented groups
  • removing or adapting environmental barriers
  • overcoming lack of awareness
  • providing practical help
  • developing enabling ideas or networks
  • involves people with dementia in creative pursuits which demonstrates and illustrates their strengths and potential
  • creating a more inclusive community or making community services more accessible to people with dementia.

5. Best Educational Initiative

This category is open to health and social care staff from all sectors, schools, higher education institutions, colleges, training organisations and companies, local communities and projects.

The judging panel will be looking for innovative educational and learning initiatives which help develop knowledge, skills, attitudes and behaviours that help to change thinking about dementia and the potential of people with dementia.

Entries could relate to initiatives which:

  • improve practice by enhancing knowledge and skills in keeping with the Promoting Excellence Framework
  • enhance quality of life
  • make services and supports more accessible to people with dementia and families and carers
  • prepare staff to work differently, in a more personalised way
  • bring people together to learn in an innovative way using innovative learning methodologies

The educational initiative may be directed at any group including, health and social services staff, people with dementia, families and communities.

6. Most Innovative Partnership 

This category is open to all partnerships between agencies, sectors, disciplines, teams and groups.

The judging panel will be looking for new partnerships or partners working in a different way for the specific purpose of contributing to more positive experiences and outcomes for people with dementia, their families and communities.

Entries for this category might reflect work:

  • developed between organisations, agencies, disciplines or teams who have not worked together before
  • have changed the structure or design of their service through partnerships to make them more accessible and/or appropriate to people with dementia
  • demonstrated exceptional partnership working with people with dementia and their families and communities to realise more personalised outcomes.

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